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Fieldcross Lane in Helena
Went out of town and our puppy misbehaved while the house sitter was here. We have pet stains we haven't ever had!! I would like a quote for living room and bedroom. And couch, loveseat and chair and ottoman. Thank you for your time!
Lake Hills Lane in Helena
Do you sell the spot cleaner for carpets that I have received samples of in the past? It works great and I would like to purchase some to have on hand. Thanks!
Hot Springs Rd in Helena
We had a mattress in storage. It needs to be cleaned. It's a queen size mattress. Do you clean too and bottom? How much would you charge?
E Broadway St in Helena
Hello - our white carpet upstairs needs to be cleaned. We have some pet strains that we are especially interested in having removed. The total square footage is roughly 1,000. We are in Helena and would like to set up an appointment. Thank you. Robert
E. Broadway Street in Helena
Moving out... Need the carpet cleaned in 4 rooms
Ferret Drive in Helena
The above is our physical address not for mail.please call or email
Starbuck Court in Helena
Moving out of apartment and requirement in lease is carpet cleaning before moving. It will be a large living room and two bed rooms. Please contact me with an estimate.
Mendocino in Helena
Hello-This is an 850 sq foot condo with carpeting in 2 small bedrooms. This is for a move in. The seller in movin out on 7/31/18, so that is the time frame I'm looking at. I'm also intersted in a deep clean of the kithen and bathroom. Thanks, Kelly 707-317-0441
Eldorado Ct in Helena
I have 2 bedrooms, hall, living room and 1/2 flight of stairs (approx. 600 sq ft) that I need cleaned. The house should go on the market the 1st or 2nd week of July so we would like it done around the 1st of July. Can I get an estimate?
Boston in Helena
6 Puppy spots on new carpet.
Cider Dr in Helena
Would like a quote for a carpet cleaning
Breckenridge in Helena
Carpet cleaning for approximately 700 square feet - probably less. It's a 2 bedroom basement apartment that I've lived in for 19 months. I need to have the carpets professionally cleaned as a stipulation for my landlord. I'm looking for an estimate. Email is the BEST way to contact me.
S. Sanders St. in Helena
I have a 1200sf hardwood floor in need of a cleaning/buffing/polishing. Wondering about a cost estimate? Also perhaps a deep cleaning as we move out of this rental property next month. Thank you.
Terrence Rd. in Helena
I have a couch and loveseat that both need cleaning. They're not bad at all - just stains from where arms and heads frequently rest on the furtniture. If the price is affordable I'm also considering having a few carpeted rooms cleaned. Thank you!
Bishop Carroll Drive in Helena
We have some stains that need removed and general carpet cleaning
Bishop Carroll Drive in Helena
Some stains in carpet and general cleaning needed
Bishop Carroll Drive in Helena
2 bedroom apartment: need carpets cleaned ~750 sq ft
N Harris in Helena
Three upper level bed rooms and the stairs.
E Lockey in Helena
I am looking for a company to shampoo carpet in our building. We have a large area to cover (four floors)and some of our carpet is in ruff shape. I was wondering if you could tell me the types of machines you have, how the machines work. What carpet cleaning method do you use? How long will it take for my carpet to dry? Is your work guaranteed? Do you have a truck mount, and will that be an option?
Graham St in Helena
We moved into the house at the end of August of last year and are not sure the last time the carpets were cleaned. In the fall, we got a new puppy that had a harder time with potty training than we had hoped. He had a lot of accidents on the stairs especially. It would be a living room, hallway, stairs, and 2-3 bedrooms. Do you have any spring promotions going on? Thanks!
Dearborn Ave in Helena
Have a carpet from living room to the hallway that needs to be cleaned
Granite Park Place in Helena
I would like an estimate on cleaning my carpets in my house. What do you need from me to do that?
Quail Dr in Helena
Looking for carpet cleaning this week - 2 bedrooms + small living room
Otter Rd in Helena
Family room and hallway carpets need to be cleaned. would like an estimate. about 8 feet of hallway and the family room is about 15 feet by 20 feet.
in Helena
Need 2 bedrooms, living room, and set of stairs cleaned for apartment.
Moondance Road in Helena
I'm moving out of my small home to another.i have three ateas,8x14,10x14,,16x12 all short,some coffee stains
Dreben Way in Helena
Difficulty breathing and it smells like dust
Walnut Street in Helena
Very dirty area rug that I would like to have cleaned soon. Thank you!
N Hoback St in Helena
I need a quote to clean 4 rooms...livingroom, kitchen, and 2 bedrooms.
Fox Hollow Drive in Helena
Granite Ave. in Helena
Residential Carpet cleaning- around 900 sq. ft.
David Ct in Helena
I have a carpet that has burnt makes, dark marks and unfortunately we had a sick cat and so we have urine stains. I am pregnant and do not want any odors but need the carpet cleaned well.
Riviera Drive in Helena
My mother-in-law passed away recently and we are left with a double wide trailer that we are about ready to put on the market. Everything is out of the house, we just need someone to clean it and make it ready for someone to buy it. Probably need carpets and walls cleaned, as well as bathrooms and kitchen cabinets cleaned. The kitchen floor would not need to be cleaned as we are replacing it before selling. - thank you.
Stacia Ave. in Helena
Good morning. Can I please get an estimate on a residential carpet cleaning. Also, when is the earliest you have availability? Thanks and have a great day. Shawn
Sonoma Dr. in Helena
Have two rooms of carpet I'd like cleaned before company comes for thanksgiving!
N. Benton Ave in Helena
How much would roughly 300 sq feet of the cheapest carpet cleaning service available? This is college mandated by Carroll College
N. Benton Ave in Helena
Getting a mandated dorm carpet cleaning. Individual rooms are about 7'x11-12' and the main room is about 9'x13-14'. With the most basic carpet cleaning you offer, how expensive would this be? Carpet is short. Located at Carroll College in Trinity Hall.
Pirate Point Road in Helena
Ned carpets cleaned
Belt View Drive in Helena
I would like to get an estimate on carpet cleaning for a 2 bdrm apartment. This would include two rooms, plus hallway and living room. Please contact me at your earliest continence as I would like to schedule for Oct. 30. Thank you
Legend Loop in Helena
Expedition Trail in Helena
We have 2 dogs, one who had a bladder infection so soiled carpet. I have stairs, hallway, and 3 bedrooms that need cleaned. Could I get an estimate?
in Helena
Need approx. 450 sq. ft. apartment (living room, 2 bdrms) carpet cleaned on either 10/28 or 10/30/2017.
Avian Rd in Helena
Need carpets cleaned again. However double the area and both upper and lower stairs. So same as last cleaning x 2 plus one bedroom and Lower set of stairs.
N Dakota St. in Helena
Looking to get estimate on carpet cleaning for small rental - 2 bedrooms, living room and hallway, approx. sq feet 800.
Stacia Ave in Helena
I only have carpet upstairs my main concerns are my stairs and my master bedroom
in Helena
I'm moving at the end of the month and need to have the carpet cleaned as part of my rental agreement. Thanks!
in Helena
Need the carpet in a small apartment cleaned by the end of July.
Angus Road in Helena
Need residential carpet cleaning. Must not use any product which has any residual smell ( my wife has lung issues and cannot be exposed to any air born chemical). Please contact to review work plan and estimate. Thank you.
Emmett Rd in Helena
Interested in estimate for 3 bedroom home carpet cleaning and possibly upholstery cleaning.
South Fee St. in Helena
I would like to get a price for you guys to carpet clean 500 square feet of carpet in my apartment and use pet enzyme so i can move out.
Iowa Street in Helena
I have a 9x11 Karastan rug that needs cleaning, and has the fringe on one side that needs repair. I would like quote for cleaning, and whether you also do repairs?
Kase Rd in Helena
I'd like to schedule for my carpets to be cleaned at the end of May. Three bedrooms and a stairway. We are moving out and most furniture will be out. Thank you!
S Raleigh in Helena
We would like our living room (12 x 17) and bedroom (12 x 15) carpets cleaned. What is the estimate? We are previous customers (twice) in the last 4 years. Thank you.
in Helena
I am moving out of my apartment and need to get my carpets cleaned. Can you give me an estimate of the price of this? Thank you
N Davis in Helena
Moving out of my apartment and have 2 smaller bedrooms cleaned
Breckenridge St in Helena
What would be the cost of a small one bedroom apartment? It is approximately 600 sq. ft of carpet space. Thank you!
E Broadway in Helena
I am needing an estimate to clean carpets in my condo. I have two stair flights of stair and 3 bedrooms and a small loft area.
Orion Rd in Helena
We are moving and need to schedule carpet cleaning for January 3rd, 2017. Carpet in two bedrooms only.
Bootlegger Dr in Helena
I would like to get an estimate for carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as air duct cleaning.
Barney St in Helena
I'm moving out of my rental and need to clean the carpet.
Lyndale in Helena
Per landlord I have to have carpet cleaned professional. I can t afford too much due alot of medical bills. Living at this apt cleaned my savings out. Small areas to clean. 24 feet long 8 feet wide I live right behind helena industries in maroon building near chain link fence. I get off at 2pm Monday if you need to come look at it to give quote. It may be dirty because they moved me in without cleaning the carpet. Thank you Tamara
Helena Ave in Helena
I am moving out of my apartment and need to have my carpets cleaned before I leave
Manage Court in Helena
Lots of dog stains and odor----please call monie Ayers with quote. I will be paying for it. Thanks Monie Ayers
Helena Ave. in Helena
I am moving and I need my carpets shampooed
Hollins in Helena
Old house just purchased
Broadwater Circle in Helena
Need three rooms and hallway steam cleaned to sanitize and clean carpets.
Roma Road in Helena
Need my large living-room and one bedroom
Dunlap Drive in Helena
I was wondering about an estimate to have the upholstery cleaned on our sofa. The couch is one year old purchased at Josyln Furniture by Intermountain Furniture company - Bravo. It has bur bur fabric on the seats and back cushions. It was sprayed with ultrashield.
Fuller Avenue in Helena
We are potentially looking to have a once a week office cleaning service to sweep, vacuum, empty garbage, clean the bathroom and kitchenette. We have approximately 900 sf total.
Neill Avenue in Helena
New West Health Services is seeking a new janitorial service for our building five nights per week with full janitorial service. If you provide this service, may I receive a quote for the services provided and monthly charge? Our building is two floors and approximately 10,279 SF of cleanable area, 10,029 SF of carpeted area, and 700 SF of hard surfaces. Kind Regards, Anna Albertson Administrative Services Manager/Exec Ass't to CEO
Sunlight Circle in Helena
12' x 12' foot carpeted office with extensive pet odor and some staining from recently deceased geriatric cat.
Fake Street in Helena
500sqft car po et
Hillcrest Ct in Helena
We may have black mold in our air conditioning ducts. Need a quote on cleaning. Thank you, Bill and Jennifer
Hartley in Helena
I am interested in having the carpets cleaned in my father's condominium in Great Falls before we put it up for sale.
Janet St in Helena
Can I get a quote on cleaning the following in my apartment: my kitchen,dining room floors,two small bathroom floors,refrigerator moved and cleaned under as well as my washer and dryer moved and cleaned under? Thanks so much, Belinda
Star Rd in Helena
Hi, We are looking for a quote on having our living room and stairs carpet cleaned. We do have two dogs so there is hair. The area is in the northstar subdivision and on a rancher floor plan. All of the ranch homes are the same so you might already have an idea of what it would run if you've previously done it. There aren't any stains and the carpet is dark brown. We've only lived there a year and just want to have it done yearly to have fresh carpet. Thank you! Kelsee
Antares Road in Helena
Not sure when carpets were cleaned last, we just bought. Our dog does shed a lot but we vacuum everyother day. Please call in the mornings!!!
Stacia Avenue in Helena
We have sold out house and need to get the carpets cleaned before closing. All furniture will be out of the house prior to cleaning.
Livingston in Helena
Need quote to shampoo two upstairs bedrooms, downstairs family room, stairs and two downstairs bedrooms.
Glass Drive in Helena
I have a 24X24 Living room and a 16 x 16 bedroom that I need to have cleaned. The carpet is light color, and I have grand kids and pets. It has gotten stained over the past several months, I have done some shampooing on it in the past with a rental, but a couple of the stains keep coming back. Pls send me an estimate to my e-mail.
Foothill Court in Helena
Have travertine tile in master bath -- in shower, around whirlpool tub, floor and counter. Would like an estimate to revive/clean it all. Thanks
in Helena
Refurbishing a trailer and there was a leak in the bathroom shower causing water damage and odor.
Stabern St in Helena
Looking to get the carpet in a 2-bed apartment in a 4-plex cleaned in late May! Thanks
Prospect Ave. in Helena
Hi- I'm looking for a quote for the carpet at Bank of the Rockies. I'm unsure of the exact square-footage of the area. Thanks Sharla
Barney Street in Helena
We need to have the carpet in our living room cleaned and would like an idea of cost for just the one room
in Helena
Looking for a quote for carpet cleaning for approximately 1500 square ft. Generally wear and dirt from people and dogs. Thanks!
Stuart St in Helena
Carpet cleaning with pet odors
Northgate Loop in Helena
Cleaning two small bedroom carpets. Possible pet urine and hair
Turmaline Ct. in Helena
Need carpet cleaned for move out on 4/22/16.
Birdseye Road in Helena
I would like to set up an appointment to have my carpet in 4 small bedrooms cleaned. They are approximately 10 x 12. And, a couch and chair cleaned. Just a normal cleaning. My only additional concern is I have one of the bedrooms that has a light colored carpet and my dog went through the puppy training (and this was the room she liked to sneak off to). I have had the carpet cleaned twice by another company. It looks great when they left but the old stains crept back up the next day.
Helena Ave in Helena
Move out ... 2 bedroom apt
Stallion Ridge Dr in Helena
We have lived in the house for about three years and it's time to just get them cleaned up and one of our cats haD A urinary tract infection and urine is in a few spots in the house . Our total square footage of the house is 2600 ft.² but I think that includes our garage so I'm not entirely sure but I do have two floors that all need to be done .
Breckenridge St in Helena
We have moved out of our apartment and the carpets need to be professionally cleaned.
Hideout St in Helena
Carpet cleaning quote Some stains Heavy dirt in front go sofas and in office where office chair is on carpet Listing our house and want carpet clean before we show
Overlook Blvd in Helena
Greetings, I am vacating an apartment and need to have the carpets professionally cleaned. There are 2 bedrooms and 1 living room/entry area with carpet. Bathroom, dining and kitchen are hard floors. 1. Can we schedule the cleaning for January 30th or 31st? 2. How much do you charge? Thanks, Tony
Hauser Blvd. in Helena
Carpets need cleaning.
Villard Avenue in Helena
Was wondering how much you would charge to clean a living room area. Measurements are about 14x20? Thank you!!
Guthrie Road in Helena
Want all the carpet cleaned and have a sectional couch that we would like cleaned as well. Would be a 2 small bedrooms and one large one. 2 sets of stairs and living room.
Adyson Dr. in Helena
I was hoping that I could get just the carpet in one bedroom cleaned. I have everything out of the room because we will be getting a new bedroom set delivered on Saturday. Would there be any way to have this one room cleaned by than? Once it's delivered, we won't be able to move it again. The number I provided is my cell and you can leave a message if I don't answer. We had you cleaned our carpets in our condo about 3 yrs. ago when we moved out. Thanks!
Heritage Dr in Helena
We just need a basic general cleaning of the carpets in the apartment. This is per our lease agreement so we don't need anything fancy.
in Helena
We have 100 rooms and need quotation for professional cleaning
Best Place in Helena
Stain removal if they can and general carpet cleaning in living room,hallway, family room. Would like to get an estimate for the services
in Helena
I just bough a 8x10 oriental rug. It needs to be cleaned badly. where are you located to have it done?
in Helena
Requesting a quote on air duct cleaning.
Janet St in Helena
My old cat has begun peeing on clothes and carpet. Would like an estimate to clean 2 bedrooms and possibly 2 couches
Sunny Vista Rd in Helena
Have carpet needing cleaning and floor tile/grout.
Terrace Ave in Helena
Hello. I have a rental that the tenants really abused the carpet bad, very bad stains. I am wondering if it is even salvagable. Its a 2200 sq ft house what is the charge for cleaning that size and several stain removals?
Cannon St. in Helena
I need to have the carpets of 2 bedrooms professionally cleaned as part of a lease agreement. They are very clean - I've only been here 4 months and have barely been in one of the bedrooms. The sizes are approximately 12x13 and 11x13. I'm looking to get a quote, preferably by email Thanks!
SK Loop in Helena
I am moving and need the carpet in my bedroom cleaned.
Cannon Street in Helena
Looking to have the carpets cleaned in my apartment. It would entail a living room, hallway, and 2 bedrooms.
in Helena
2 3' 3" x 5' area rugs and an oval perhaps 1.5'x3' in size. Not for onsite carpets... just the rugs.
Cannon St in Helena
2 bedroom; pet friendly apartment scheduled for move out the end of July
Bighorn Road in Helena
Need a carpet cleaning in 1,000 sq. ft. house
Lockey in Helena
I would like to schedule an estimate on carpet cleaning (4 rooms) and cleaning out air ducts. Thank you.
Cole Street in Helena
Need full basement cleaned, about 1000 sq feet, stairs, and 3 upstairs bedrooms. Several stain spots from food and drinks are concerning.
W Lawrence in Helena
Moving out of apt., Looking for a carpet cleaning quote.
Blue Heron Street in Helena
I would like an estimate for carpet cleaning for my home. Living room, three bedrooms, hallway with stairs.
Gold Rush Ave. in Helena
I would like to get a free estimate for carpet cleaning my house, which includes 3 bedrooms; 2 hallways; 2 stair cases; and two family rooms.
Stacia Avenue in Helena
Need carpet cleaned in living room and 3 bedrooms.
Hauser Blvd in Helena
I have two dogs who have had a few accidents on my carpet in the bedroom. The ammonia smell is pretty strong and I've tried to clean it but have been unsuccessful. The bedroom is probably 300 square feet, all carpet.
Crystal Drive in Helena
Some pet stains Dirt on high traffic areas
Green Meadow Dr in Helena
No concerns. Just want to get my living room carpet cleaned.
S California St in Helena
Hoping to brighten dingy carpets and eliminate pet odors/stains.
Avocet Dr in Helena
Pet stains/odors
Twilight St in Helena
I would like to have the carpets cleaned for this property and would like to speak with someone to get an estimate and schedule an appointment.
Stallion Ridge Road in Helena
Living Room Complete carpet cleaning and sofa and loveseat cleaning.
Peosta Avenue in Helena
I have very soiled carpet in my living and am tired of looking at it.
Prospect Ave in Helena
We would like an estimate for duct cleaning in our office building. Thanks
N Rodney St in Helena
Have apartment that needs to be cleaned
Cap Rd in Helena
Pet smell and small children stains
Wolf Road in Helena
I would like to get an estimate on shampooing the carpet in my house. Main floor only.
Rodney St in Helena
Just would an estimate of the cost for the cleaning of my carpets in my apartment, please. Thank you.
Hudson St in Helena
I need an estimate for living room/hallway/two bedrooms in an apartment. The apartment is 800 sq foot total-and all furniture would be out. So, small space. Thank you.
Highland St in Helena
We just purchased a used couch and loveseat from a home with cats. While we have been able to clean it with a vacuum and febreeze I am wondering cost to have professionally done to remove any remaining pet dander. Thanks!
Snow Goose St in Helena
Need carpet on main floor cleaned after move-out. Thanks
Third in Helena
Need 2 wool area rugs cleaned. 8x11 and 7x9. Please provide quote. Thank you!
in Helena
Need two bedroom residential apartment cleaned after move out.
Reeders Village Dr in Helena
Want to get a quote for carpet cleaning.
in Helena
We are looking for a company to clean our office 2 days a week.
Williamsburg Rd in Helena
I would like an estimate for a full house carpet cleaning. Thank you
Old York Road in Helena
Can you please tell me what it would cost to have a couch, loveseat, recliner, 2 larger club chairs and a footstool cleaned? Thanks, Jennifer
Canyon Court in Helena
Carpets with pet stains and odors
N. Montana Ave in Helena
I would like to know your hourly rate for commercial cleaning services. Cleaning two bathrooms (6 stalls total, 4 sinks), some mopping, vacuuming* (3,000 sq. ft) *once a month. Empty 85 trash receptacles. Cleaning each weekend. Normally takes one person approx. 4 hours. Janitor would need background check and fingerprinting to be in building. Thank you, Andrea
Great Northern Blvd in Helena
I have a an office space and need to see about having it cleaned once a week, vacuum floors, clean 2 bathrooms, garbage taken out.
in Helena
2 small rooms. A living room & dining room. No need to move furniture. Just need a basic cleaning
N Harris St in Helena
I need the carpet cleaned for the entire house as I am moving out of our rental.
Cherry Street in Helena
Need a quote ASAP for a rental.
Prospect Ave in Helena
We have a big sized living room and hallway that smells so horribly bad of dog pee from previous owners. We tried using a Rug Doctor and it didn't help.
Aspen St. in Helena
We have some heavy soiled areas that need to be treated and I'm interested in pricing for cleaning the rest of the office too. Thanks!
Walnut in Helena
Want to get furniture and living room and bedroom shampooed Living room 12x20 Bedroom 12x20 Recliner Standard size sofa
Aspen Way Drive in Helena
Request a quote for carpet cleaning.
N Jackson in Helena
Carpet is medium thick pile and smells like dog pee. Couch has pet hair. Rug is two,rooms:living room and bedroom.
Prospector Gulch Rd in Helena
Just need a quote to clean the carpets in our living room and one bedroom. thank you
Mikota in Helena
Small microfiber sectional needs cleaning
E Broadway St in Helena
We have two upholstered chairs with the cleaning code S. I would like to have them cleaned of everyday grime (haven't been cleaned since we got them about 2 years ago). I can also bring them to you.
Wedgewood Lane in Helena
Looking for an estimate for a full house cleaning, including carpet, for this 4 bedroom 2 bath 2,288 sq ft home
Husky Drive in Helena
Our home's carpet is approximately 10 years old. It has multiple stains from pets and kids. I would like an estimate on carpet cleaning before I break down and replace it.
South Ridge Dr in Helena
I am selling my condo and need to get the carpets cleaned and so am inquiring on prices. It is a 3 floor condo unit with approximately 1100 sq ft of carpet between the kitchen, living room, three bedrooms, and stairs. If it is required to see the property to determine cost that can be arranged through the realtor or my tenants that are moving out as I live in Idaho. Thank you. Casey
Peosta Ave in Helena
Had a poor leak and my basement is wet. Has carpet, no pad. Smells wet/musty. Need a quote to see how much to fix. Thank you.
STallion Ridge Dr in Helena
Estimate to steam clean 5 bdrm and great room. no furniture, moving in cleaning. Thank you.
Lodestar Road in Helena
Please provide an estimate to clean and seal 6 inch square tile floors which include enrty way, dining room, kitchen, kitchen nook and three bathrooms. The bathrooms range in size from small, medium and large one. The home itself is a ranch style so the rooms are all on one level with easy access. Estimated square footage of rooms to be cleaned---1050 sq ft Prefer estimate be sent to email address indicated above. Also include available dates for service. Thank you, Cindy
Terrace Ave. in Helena
Just a 14'x 16' carpet area, with a traffic area, needing to be clean.
Woodward Street in Helena
We have 2 dogs and couple rooms smell like urine odor. We have 5 bedrooms, 2 5 step stairways and 1 living room.
S Harris S in Helena
Estimate for carpet cleaning: living room 12'x24 Stairs 3' wide, 12 steps 11" wide Foyer 6' x 4.5' Entry hall 4' x 11.5' Hallway 3' x 12'
Great Northern Blvd in Helena
Looking for a spot clean. in our front lobby hight traffic area.
in Helena
Need a quote for a clients house. I'm a real estate agent in town and would like to get carpets cleaned for clients as a house warming gift.
Knight Street in Helena
I would like an estimate for carpet cleaning on Wednesday July 16. This will include approximately 1300 sq feet with a dining room, living room, hallway, bedroom and small den.
Boulder Ave in Helena
I need my living room rug cleaned. The living room is approximately 12 feet by 16 feet.
Expedition Trail in Helena
We are looking for a carpet cleaning estimate. We are moving out of our rental and need it done on June 12th. Thank you
Colter Loop Dr in Helena
Need living room & stairs/entryway carpet cleaned. We have indoor/outdoor pets. Bedrooms are not needed at this time.
Otter Rd in Helena
Hello. I just moved out and looking for estimates on carpet cleaning. My house is approximately 1599 square feet. Not all carpet. Living room, hallway, and 3 bedrooms would need cleaned. Please let me know approximate pricing and if you have anything available this week before Friday. Thanks! Clarissa
N Ewing St in Helena
One living room, two small bedrooms. short stick on carpet with some pet odor.
Hollins Avenue in Helena
General carpet cleaning for 4 small rooms and living room
Sk Loop in Helena
I need to have a 10x12 bedroom carpet cleaned. How much would that cost?
Poplar Street in Helena
Just need carpets steam cleaned on rental because we are moving out thanks.
Winne Ave in Helena
We just moved into a rental and I am having trouble with breathing and headaches the air ducts seem pretty dirty (and there are signs of cats from owners), so I am wondering if this will help. Thank you!
in Helena
Can you give me a price per hour for water removal for plumbing damage? My washer failed to shut off ran over for over 6 hours. Flooded laundry, kitchen, dining, bathroom, basemen.
Mill Rd in Helena
Need to have a deep clean in my front room and office about 400sq ft combined. Dirt stains I cannot get out of the white carpet with a regular carpet cleaner. Also some stairs need to be deep cleaned. Would like to get a quote and time frame of when I could get this done. Thank you.
Western Drive in Helena
I recently shampooed my father's carpet using my hoover shampooer. He moved and has his house for sale. There were several dog pee spots that did not come clean. The biggest concern I have is that the house now has a terrible smell. This was done last Friday & Saturday, on Monday the home still smells. Is there something you could do about the smell?
Orange Ave. in Helena
My dog had injured his foot without my knowledge and by the time noticed there was a problem he had blood all over the carpet. I attempted to spot clean it but it did not come out. This is a rental and I am moving in less than three weeks and need my deposit back. I live in a small single wide trailer but every floor surface is carpeted.
Highland St in Helena
We are moving into a new house and would like the carpets cleaned in the upstairs of the house. The house will completely empty at the time of cleaning. The house is located on the upper east side of Helena. There is approximately 1000 - 1100 sq ft of carpet. We are also wondering if you know of someone who stretches and re-seams carpet? Thank You
Touchstone Drive in Helena
I need an estimate for a carpet cleaning of a two floor townhome. There is a small dining area, living room, three bedrooms, one small hallway, and a stairwell. The carpet is mildly dirty, no big spots or stains. The furniture will be out of the area at the time of the cleaning. Thanks.
Hillview DR in Helena
Area rug with pet stains. The rug is 9x12 and is wool. Do you have a process to eliminate the pet oder from the rug? Also what is the approximate charge to clean 800 ft of installed carpet (4 bedrooms) not furniture in the space?
N. Warren St. in Helena
I'm leaving my apartment and would like the carpet cleaned. It's a small studio at Aneleh Apartments in downtown Helena. I'd like to get an estimate and set up a date if possible. Thanks.
University St in Helena
Hello, My brother and I are looking into a deep cleaning for our dad's apartment. The cost is not an issue. We need a really thorough job on a very disgusting place. Our dad has mental depression problems and basically let himself go on hygiene for way too long. We are not involved in his life that much so we didn't realize how bad it was until today when I went to his apartment on Saddle drive to get his phone for him. He is in the hospital right now with more health problems (probably exacerbated and caused by his living area). The whole apartment needs cleaning and we are willing to pay well. It is hard to believe someone could live there. Let me know if this is something you can do? Maybe at least the carpets and furniture? Do you do bathrooms? It looks almost impossible to clean the bathroom to me. Thanks so much, Laura
Jade Street in Helena
New carpet, has a metal/ grease stain as well as a couple of toddler urine accidents
N Warren, in Helena
I need my apartment's carpet cleaned sometime this week. It's just a studio and approximately 200 sq. ft. I'd like a quote if possible. Thanks! Melissa
E. Broadway in Helena
Hello, You cleaned the carpets in the main house of this property last week. There is also a small in-law unit in the back that needs carpet cleaning. Would I be able to schedule you to come out for those carpets on Friday? Thanks
in Helena
Hello, I was hoping to get an estimate for carpet cleaning. The approximate square footage is 750. This is a residential cleaning that entails a small living area and two bedrooms. The best way to contact me will be via email. I was also wondering how far in advance I would need to book for a weekend cleaning? Specifically, I am hoping to have the carpets cleaning on or close to 8/3/13. Thank you for the response. I greatly appreciate it. Teresa
Maple St in Helena
Looking for a quote for 3 bedrooms and a hallway carpet cleaning, an area rug, and a suede love seat.
Broadway in Helena
I was wondering what your rates are for a carpet cleaning/vacuum extraction. I need three rooms cleaned, two bedrooms (about 12x12 and 12x14) and a living room (18*12). Thanks.
Hialeah Court in Helena
I would like a quote for carpet cleaning in the condo we rent.