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Kleen King is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Butte. Learn more about Kleen King's recent work requests in Butte and nearby areas!

Learn more about Kleen King's recent work requests in Butte, MT
Vicinity of Edwards in Butte
I the carpet cleaned in 3 rooms and a hallway
Vicinity of W Quartz in Butte
I am looking for carpet shampooing for moving out of my apartment in Butte. How much would it cost for a small studio apartment? Thanks, Lindsay
Vicinity of East Granite Street, in Butte
Move-out instructions specify carpet shampoo or steam clean. Two carpeted bedrooms (11'x12' each), one walk-in closet (approx. 4'x4') and one small closet (approx. 2'x6'). Please contact me via email. Thank you.
Vicinity of Sampson Street in Butte
Just purchased a home and previous owner was a smoker. I would like the get the heating duct work cleaned out.
Vicinity of Gilman Ave in Butte
I have 4 small rooms that need major cleaning! I have had 3 puppies, and although I shampoo them every month it isn't helping. I also am moving so I need it done and also tile cleaned if you do that! it is 3 hallways a bathroom and kitchen for the tile
Vicinity of S. Washington St. in Butte
Need to have carpet cleaned in an apartment. Only one room requires cleaning...other two rooms are wood. Carpeted room is approx. 15' x 15', may be slightly more or slightly less.
Vicinity of S Jackson in Butte
I need carpet cleaned in 2 rooms of a small apartment. Living room appox 150 sf and dining room approx 100 sf. If possible, Saturday afternoon July 26. Please respond by email with quote or questions.
Vicinity of in Butte
Carpet cleaning for a small 2 bedroom apartment. The carpeted area includes a livingroom and 2 bedrooms (approximately 600 square feet). Also interested in how much upholstery cleaning for a older fabric reclining chair would cost.
Vicinity of Mammoth Drive in Butte
We are looking for carpet cleaning of our home. Master bedroom, 2nd bedroom, dining and living room, hallway.
Vicinity of W. Silver St in Butte
Dog urine left for 8 months or longer. Stains from some type of red dye.
Vicinity of S. Clark St in Butte
Heating ducts are full of cob webs and dust for my rental unit. Would like a quote to send to my land lord for a cleaning.
Vicinity of S Arizona in Butte
Need my couch cleaned.
Vicinity of Passmore Canyon in Butte
I need the basement carpet and steps going upstairs cleaned. the cats were accidently locked out of where their cat boxes are kept for at least one full day. There is now a smell.
Vicinity of West Mercury in Butte
A full size couch that has been in storage, very dirty. Just curious which is cheaper renting a machine to clean it myself or have it professionally cleaned.
Vicinity of N Emmett in Butte
Steam clean carpet in 3 rooms, get dog smell out and steam clean sofa and chair. House is small, about 800sq ft.